Elderly commonly find it hard to operate in the digital world.  Most electronic devices require specific knowledge and dexterity to operate.  Smart phones are small, hard to read, and very difficult to operate for many of our seniors.  Computers require keyboard and mouse interaction along with skills and knowledge that seniors can find difficult.  According to recent research by Shelia Cotten, a Michigan State University professor of media and information, tablets can help the elderly access the electronic world.  Tablets are designed for ease of use and print on the screen can be increased for those with decreased vision.  “For the most part they are pretty easy to operate,” Cotten said. “You don’t have to click on 12 different things to do what you want to do.  It helps to ease their tech anxiety.”  In a related study, Cotten’s research showed that accessing the digital world can also help seniors reduce or stave off depression.  Consider getting your loved one a tablet that you are familiar with and spend some time showing them how to operate it and the electronic world will be open for you and your loved one to enjoy!