Senate Provides Increase in Alzheimer’s Funding

Alzheimer's research got a big boost last week when the Senate Appropriations Committee approved a 60% increase in federal funding for Alzheimer's research.  Alzheimer's has no known prevention, cure or method to slow its progress.  This additional funding, approximately $350,000,000, is slated to go toward research with the goal of effectively treating Alzheimer's by 2025. [...]

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Elderly Are More Susceptible To Heat

With the forecast for Northern Nevada including temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in the coming week, it is a good idea to review heat related illness symptoms and ways to stay healthy in hot weather.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) publishes a document to help us avoid heat related illness. Elderly people (that is, people [...]

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Alzheimer’s Caregiving Tips

Caregiving Tips: Strategies for Success From Alzheimer's Foundation of America Educate yourself about the disease. Read books, attend workshops and consult with healthcare professionals.  Avoid caregiver burnout. Make time for yourself. Join caregiver support groups and discussion boards. Pursue interests beyond your caregiving role, such as exercise, hobbies, journaling and art. Learn caregiving techniques. Key areas [...]

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Tablets Help Elderly

Elderly commonly find it hard to operate in the digital world.  Most electronic devices require specific knowledge and dexterity to operate.  Smart phones are small, hard to read, and very difficult to operate for many of our seniors.  Computers require keyboard and mouse interaction along with skills and knowledge that seniors can find difficult.  According [...]

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New Mommy Care

Are you or a loved one expecting?  Did you know that Heartrock Care provides New Mommy Care?  We are here for you!  Having a baby is a very exciting and life changing event for any family.  Our highly trained caregivers are ready to care for the new mommy while the new mommy bonds with her [...]

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Senior Strong!

Harriette Thompson who is 92 years and 65 days old became the oldest woman to complete a marathon over the weekend when she finished the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego.  Ms. Thompson, a classically trained pianist, played piano pieces in her mind during the 7 hours, 24 minutes and 36 seconds it took [...]

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Centenarian Didn’t Have Anyone to Celebrate With

Winnie Blagden is 99 years old and will hit the century mark this Sunday.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Blagden didn't have anyone to help her celebrate the very impressive birthday.  BBC Radio Sheffield in the U.K. heard about her and launched a Facebook campaign that reached over 6,000,000!  The results of the campaign were 16,000 birthday cards and [...]

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Need to Increase Physical Activity – Try Video Games!

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lack of regular physical activity is a leading cause of the reduction of stamina and strength in those over 65 years of age.  The lack of activity is also directly link to increases in a number of major health issues.  The lack of physical activity is common [...]

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Depression and Parkinson’s Disease Solid Link

A study by researchers at Umea University in Sweden, that was published last week in Neurology, shows what is believed to be a connection between depression and Parkinson's Disease.  Understanding the connection remains a mystery, yet the relationship between the two appears to be solid.  Those study participants with depression were 3.2 times more likely [...]

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day for all of us Americans as we remember those who have given the greatest sacrifice of all to protect us and to keep us free.  We are especially thankful for those of the greatest generation for all they did and continue to do to make our country great!  They [...]

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